December 11, 2006

:: "Mou Lipis, Agapi Mou" - [Part I]

"Oh, when you walk by every night
Talking sweet and looking fine
I get kinda hectic inside
Mmm, baby I'm so into you
Darling, if you only knew
All the things that flow through my mind
(But it's just a) sweet, sweet fantasy, baby"

-Mariah Carey

Once upon a time, Zeus fell for the mortal Alkmênê. He couldn't resist her charms and beauty. Dared to sleep with her though he was married to the mighty and beautiful Hera. The fruit of that marriage gave a hunk, a splendid, free and creative Hercules. He always believed that he hadn't one place called home, he always wanted to travel everywhere and discover the unknown; made fun of all risks and dangers that threatened him and enjoyed overcoming them all. His emotions and feelings were never permanent, but changing and varying with every person he used to meet going from Amazon Women to mere mortal females; until he loved the one: Deïaneira, daughter of the King of Calydon. Because of his true love; she had to die; so Hercules would go back to the wilderness; since he was never supposed to be under the influence of one person, one land, one home: Freedom is Hercules.

With a little twist in that; and replacing Hercules with Ewan, this can be his tale. Ewan would perfectly fit in this picture, since his Greek mother and Egyptian dad made sure that he would get the sexiest look ever. His semi brownish smooth hair, light hazel wide yet sleepy eyes, perfect cherry lips and the cutest nose that I always loved to kiss; made him a Greek God. When we accidentally met in Sharm al Sheikh; I walked into his shop on purpose to buy anything my eyes could see, just to talk to him; though I was traveling with my straight friend. Sometimes; you cannot let such opportunities go away and give it a shot. When I walked into that Bazaar, I couldn't understand what I was doing, I just wanted to see him closer and listen to his voice -that would have turned me on, admiring his body under that light white Zara sleeveless top.

"How much is this necklace", I just mumbled while looking at his red lips, waiting he would pronounce anything just to watch them move. I pictured myself like Niles Crane, making advantage of any passing chance to look at Daphne Moon's body; touch her or just imagine her as a turn-on!

"45 Pounds. I got them from Sudan". 45 different kissing ways echoed in my mind: I swooned. He had this light Greek accent in those couple of words he pronounced in English. To be honest, I liked that necklace, it looked so simple yet very artistic. I just put them down and acted as if I am looking around the place.

"Where are you from?", he asked me while re-arranging the stuff I kept on moving and peeking on him.


"Betetkalem Araby! [You speak Arabic]", he said, with the same sexy accent in any language he'd pronounce.

"Yeah! Of course", I answered. He just introduced himself and told me briefly about his little Bazaar, pointing at some stuff around the place and telling me from where he got them. "That one costed me a fortune! I had to pay taxes twice in Egypt for a mistake in my release paper work they did!" Yeah, whatever, what am I supposed to do to get you in bed? Ewan asked how long I was staying in Sharm; sadly it was my last day. He just gave me his number and promised that he would call, since he had to go to Cairo the following week-end to finish a new shipment coming from Greece. I felt happy.. is that a sign?

A couple of days later; my cell danced while showing Ewan on its screen. I picked up quickly and greeted him. Ewan was in Cairo, and asked if we could meet for coffee at night. If that wasn't a sign, then I must be an all-time horny bastard! We fixed time and place. While pushing the end call button, I was having my shower; then stormed into my closet, picking what to wear. It had to be something inviting, but not too sluty, something gayish, but not too queeny.. I found my Juicy shirt and Dolce Jeans -made for this occasion! I took my time doing my hair; I just had to look perfect for him.

Exactly at the preset time, Apollo was waiting infront of Pizza Hut. I stopped the car as he hopped in. Who told him I had a thing for shirts? The way he looked in that white three quarter buttoned shirt was a major turn on.

"Hey! Hope I am not late", I asked while greeting him.

"Nah, I just came anyway. It was a really long day, I am so tired!", he said while taking my iPod. "What have you got in here?"

"Almost everything, you pick what you wish", I answered.

"Mmm, do you have any Khaliji songs [Gulf Area Songs] ?" -Khaliji songs? No offense but Khaliji songs? I only heard one that was a rocking hit by Abdul Majid Abdullah -other than that, Khaliji songs? I never thought that someone from Egypt or worldwide hears them, except Khaliji people!

"No, I don't. Except the song Mashkalny", I answered while looking at him, waiting to catch any expression on his face.

"Oh, okay.. well, whatever you're playing is nice", he said in a surrendering way while putting the music device back in its place. "So where are we going?"

I was thinking to sit in Armando Café in Heliopolis. It was near, nice and pretty cosy for a first date. So I drove there while listening to the non-Khaliji songs that I was playing. Somewhere between a Madonna Erotica remix and a George Michael's Amazing, I was parking my car and making sure my preferred sofa was unoccupied.

While drinking my Café Latté, No foam, extra Espresso Shot, Ewan was having an Earl Grey. He wasn't much of a talker, but the few words that he used to say every now and then were enough to make a big discussion. We kept on chatting about everything and anything till we reached his life. He was dating someone, a girl he said. I felt like an Ice block falling on my head! All this and you're .. I can't even dare saying the unspeakable. Is my GayRadar fucked up? He can't be the S word! Noway. His eyes, I can read in his eyes that he was checking me all the time. I just decided to send my probes to make sure about that fact.. Straight? Soon after, I mentioned that his shirt was amazing. He blushed in a very attractive way and told me that he got it from Greece, a gift from an old boy friend. Boy friend? I laughed and said that he must be really in love with him to get him a Zara shirt! (I just wanted to shove the word "love" anywhere, it's the reaction that I wanted!). Ewan just moved his head and said: "Yeah, kind of". He paused for a second then said: "... I liked him, but not as much as I like you!". BINGO!

After having our drinks, Ewan felt uncomfortable staying in Armando. He wanted to cruise Heliopolis a little. We left the place and took the car. He expressed that he was having a slight headache, and that he would like to stretch back with the car seat. I made sure he'd feel comfortable, and even picked a nice mixture of Enya and Norah Jones' songs, mixing with some of my favorite Sade. I decided to cruise around a little until the time he takes his Bus back to Sharm. Ewan started talking about himself, about his life and family. He started saying everything that crossed his mind. He was feeling too relaxed and comfortable that he took my hand and kissed it. I felt electricity going up my spine, banging in my crane and steaming out of my ears. I looked at him and touched his cheek: so innocent he looked.

An hour later, I was driving him to the Bus Stop. Ewan thanked me and while still holding my hand, pressed his lips gently against mine. It was so warm, simple, and exciting. He left and asked me to go home directly, since it was too late for me already. While driving back, I felt excitement and joy inside of me yet I just shacked that off my head: how come all this happened in our first date? Holding hands, a lip kiss, talking to me about his life? Am I a person who people feel safe with and confide in him everything? Or was he a horny player who like to fuck everything in a smart way, by giving confidence and care and then turning out to be the same shit? He was cute, sexy, decent, gallant, even perfumed with my favorite Calvin Klein product! Do I have to slow down? Do I have to cancel this SMS I am sending to him? What if he is just doing this because of the atmosphere I've created? Wake up Digg! Stop this bullshit. If he wants you, he'd call you. I just raised my Music, right after I picked the song Mashkalny!

The next morning, half sleepy, half exhausted, I picked up my cell phone while turning in bed; 1 unread message. Ewan SMSed me, telling me that he reached Sharm safely and can't wait for us to meet again soon. I SMSed back wishing him a good morning and a catch up later for sure. It's magical how your body refreshes itself in an instant, letting go all the tiresome and exhaust that you were feeling a minute ago, just because you get something exciting. The little kid who forgets his pain once he is offered a toy or a candy remains inside of us, just evolved in other ways; but same concept persists. I knew was crazy, what I was doing, what I was feeling for someone I barely knew. Someone who could be anyone, anything! But I needed his presence, I needed to feel good, safe, cared, held, teased, squeezed; I just needed to feel wanted again after my recent break-up that was devastating me. Ewan was all what I needed -good looking, smart, successful, mid twenties.. only the Khaliji songs needed to be taken care of; that would come, later!

We kept talking over the phone for a while. He kept telling me his news and updates. It was nice knowing all these details, sharing some daily news with someone who cared to hear, talk and discuss them. His accent and deep voice always made me feel warm and comfortable. His self confidence and freedom in what he picked doing in life made me feel powerful and eager for more.

One evening, my phone rang, in his usual calling time.

"Hey, how is it going today, Digg?", he asked in a very hyper way.

"Good babe. You sound in a rush.. what's up?", I asked, trying to hear anything from the surrounding to guess where he was.

"I am in Armando. I couldn't wait to come and see you. Free for a Coffee?"

After a quick shower-shirt-pants-hair ceremony, I instantly drove to the Café. He was standing infront of the entrance, smoking and looking hotter, now with a deep tan, reflecting what he has been telling me about the fishing trips he had been doing. I approached him slowly, taking my time to look well at every part in him. He looked fine, so fine; I felt so hectic inside. He just dropped the cig and hugged me. I felt awkward, specially infront of my usual Café, but his warm body made me forget about everything around: I was safe again. We sat in our same Sofa, I lit a cigarette and told him what a great surprise he made.

"I just felt like coming over. I missed you", how nice when you decide to believe something though you know it is just a passing emotion. Don't we all like to hear good words? I can't decide whether it was out of desperation or need, or was it for real, did he really miss me? I just told him how I always loved Greek mythology and songs. I told him that I am a big fan of Mario Frangoulis (voice and look). Ewan just started telling me some of his favorite Greek singers -I felt comfortable, he does listen to other than Khaliji songs!

"How do we say I miss you, baby in Greek?", I asked.

"Mou Lipis, Agapi Mou", he answered, while leaning nearer.

"Sweet! Mou Lipis, Ewan!".

He laughed; then said: "Kalimera for Good Morning, Kalispera for Good Afternoon, Kalinihta for Good Night, Yassou for Hi and Bye"

"This Yassou is very much like Aloha!". For some reason, him teaching me Greek words sounded so sexy and different than all the other dates I had.

"... and if I want you to kiss me, what should I say?", I teased him while having a sip of my coffee.

"Oh, for that, it's Filise Me! and I would love to!".

A couple of minutes later, we were leaving the place when he said: "Let's go have dinner. I know this great Syrian restaurant in Mohandessine. It will be great to have some really home made like Syrian food". That was just perfect. I drove over there, while he was playing some of his Khaliji Songs in my car stereo. To be honest, I liked the songs because he liked them. He kept on mixing the best tracks he loved, all along with some Greek songs. He was translating most of the lyrics. I loved the beat. I loved him loving the beat; seeing him all gorgeous and relaxed, caring and sweet, warm and tender. When we reached the place, food was great, people were great. Was it? Or were I too much into him at that point? I watched him and learnt how to eat the Kharoof Mendy dish he picked. I was trying to use any of Greek words I learnt, it was strange how you start reorganizing yourself for someone, bedazzled by his magic and influence. When we finished our meal, Ewan just looked at me and said: "Digg. I want you to come to Suez during the week-end and visit my place. I want you to meet my family. I am sure they will love you." That was bold, him asking me to go deep in his life to that extent. I just asked him: "I'd love that, but, how will you introduce me to your dad?". He stopped, then looked at me and said: ".. as my boy friend."

I froze.

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