January 15, 2010

:: Communicate

As we stepped into his place, we hugged; for over 5 minutes.

I felt his heart beat pounding: I made him cry earlier. I walked out of his car after telling him all my darkest thoughts and asked him to go. He drove away then he stopped, called me again and asked me to come.

I got into his car again and he just asked: "Is that it? Is this the end? Is this how you want to leave?".

He was holding a napkin; and I couldn't answer. I was jealous. I was hurt. But I am not with a heart made of stone.

"As you said, we should get to know each other more", I answered, "Let's try".

As I woke up the next morning, for the first time I sleep on another bed than mine and actually fall asleep, he was holding me tight.

I looked at his face. I smiled. I am definitely worth more than just 5 fucks for him.

Back then, I didn't really know that I was much worse that this: I was just a challenge.