February 05, 2010

Tic Toc. Tic Toc.

Fascinating science is: dropping a mint inside a bottle of coke causes a huge effervescence. As shocking as it may sound, this has nothing to do with chemistry; in fact, it’s all about physics. What happens is that the gum Arabic in a mento reduces the surface tension of the water that is the main ingredient in diet coke. That reduced surface tension causes the carbon dioxide dissolved in the water to be released, and it does so with great enthusiasm.


Fascinating our emotions are: longing for someone while keeping that pressure kept inside is greatly released when he starts a conversation or you see him after a long time of silence. In fact, it’s all about our pride. What happens is that the hurt that we endure because of a bad action and mistreatment done by someone we had high hopes and enjoyed every single crazy moment with is actually frozen and controlled by a cold surface of pain and ego. Starting a conversation initiated by the other party or seeing him after a long time scratches that surface. That scratched pint in the superior frozen and protective layer causes all the suppressed memories, pain, hurt, longing, emotions, desires and fantasies to be released; giving you a certain unique feeling of effervescence in your stomach, spreading through your throat and hitting your brain.


Yes, he re-contacted me after months of silence. My silence of blogging as well.