June 12, 2009

:: Ménage à Trois

My eyes are on you. They're on you.
And you see that I can't stop shaking.

- Elisa. Dancing.

One of my fantasies was not having a threesome – it actually was being “the third guy”.

I always fantasized that I wanted to be the third guest on a sex bed. Being wanted, kissed, sucked, controlled and lusted for by two other people; who are together.

As I have been advised by both my friends and TV shows, it is always best to be the third guy introduced on a couple’s bed – that way they both crave for you. They both want to satisfy you and totally want to enjoy you; since they have always been together. You’ll be their menthol, spicing up their sexual desires and collapsing their taboo; with another taboo!

When I got a message for a chat, the blurred face picture and firm body were inviting. He was visiting in 2 months Cairo and Sharm for ten days. He wanted to meet locals and have sex. As long as they fit my physical attraction rules, no other rules are applied. We chatted for a couple of days followed by Sacha asking:

“I’ve got a friend visiting with me; can I pass him your MSN ID?”

“Sure mate, bring it on”. I typed while thinking about how would that visit turn out to be.

A couple of minutes later, I was chatting with them both. I understood that they were boyfriends and that they wanted to have something new and exotic during their Cairo visit. Best thing describing both desires would be a threesome. They asked me if I was interested for one.

Since I never had a threesome, this was the best opportunity to try it out. A foreign couple visiting town for a brief short of time – sounded awesome.

Sacha was a quiet, sexy and desirable 25 years old guy while Kelly was older and unattractive. When I first met them in their hotel’s lobby, Sacha captivated my attention with his deep male voice and wonderful eyes. His confident look and fit body. His macho attitude with a feminine spirit. When I looked at Kelly, I was wondering how they both ended together. Not only Kelly’s look were shocking, but a twist of a feminine attitude could be sensed. Kelly was 36 years old.

There was a wedding in the main hotel’s hall; and as I usually do to break my fascination and first time cold meeting moments; I just grabbed them both and mingled in the middle of that wedding:

“I am sure you never been to an Egyptian wedding; let me show you how things happen!”

They both laughed while Sacha whispered something to Kelly. I could read their lips saying something about how different cultures were followed by Kelly asking me about the ceremonies and procedures.

We stayed in there for fifteen minutes then we left. I decided taking them in a quick city tour at night; seeing the most interesting points till their real tour next morning. I started with Heliopolis and its 100 years story with Baron’s tale followed by random places on the way that we came across. I showed them many of the important points and, of course, the Nile.

They were impressed. Egypt’s impressive indeed.

After a quick heavy Egyptian dinner in one of the authentic commercial restaurants and coffee, in which Sacha mentioned that if he was about to eat that Mars cake, he should work out like crazy to lose any gram he might catch. Kelly wouldn’t like him any different than how he looked – and he looked awesome! I decided gaining some time and drive around the city now that it was around one in the morning. Kelly was sitting next to me while Sacha was in the back seat. Drowned in deep silence, Sacha only said few words with his unique deep voice whenever he had something to add while Kelly talked all the time. I could barely see Sacha’s marvelous hazel eyes in my mirror; and he turned me on just sitting comfortably back there.

“So this is your first time to visit Egypt?”

“Yeah”, replied Kelly, “we really like it. We’ve been to Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria. Egypt is different. It has a great mix. I mean look at all those mosques your have in here! Are you that religious?”

“Well”, I replied, “religion is actually rooted in every Egyptian. It’s actually part of us growing up. We just believe in fate, destiny, God”.

“That’s just amazing”, added Sacha.

We talked about different things till I reached what I wanted to really talk about:

“So you guys, have been together for…”

“Nine years”.

“Nine years?”, I asked.

“Nine years”, repeated Kelly.

“I mean. Nine as in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine… YEARS?”

“Nine years”, assured Sacha.

“And how old are you, Sacha?”; I asked while looking at him in my middle mirror.

“I am Twenty-five”.

“So?”, I looked perplex.

“Well”, said Kelly, “We met when he was 16. I was 27. When we met, I just fell in love with him.”

You fucking pedophilic!

“He was underage, Kelly! How did that happen?”

That’s when Sacha answered: “We’re together till this very moment, and I love him so much”.

I was that close asking: and why are you seeking a threesome; but they just answered that without me asking:

“We wanted to have a threesome as a new experience. We’ve been together for nine years and I want us to try new stuff to keep the fire up between us. We always fantasized about a threesome but as I told you earlier no hard sex or intercourse. I just can’t handle that yet; I don’t think I may tolerate it”, said Kelly. “So we met you, Sacha liked you a lot so I did. I think it’s going to be the three of us”.

I was overwhelmed with the “nine years” relation notion. I thought they were just new crazy couple who are into kinky stuff; but that changed everything. I wasn’t sure what would I be doing “in there”. I was very comfortable with the no hard sex agreement that we had but I felt drowned under the weight of being involved in the middle of a strange bound. That’s when Kelly hit me: “Let’s go back to the hotel”.

I parked and the three of us walked up. When I got into their room, both Kelly and Sacha took off their shoes and went freshening up in the bathroom. I switched the TV on and Sex and the City was showing. I couldn’t get comfortable on bed as I was very nervous about how things were about to go. Not only it was my first time to have a threesome, but I was in the one that I wanted to experience; yet I wasn’t feeling comfortable!

Kelly came out first from the bathroom and sat behind me. He started kissing my neck and I showed no reaction. I felt that I was the one cheating on my boyfriend; not him; even though that wasn’t the situation at all. I asked him to stop and he was confused. He then asked: Am I not attractive?

Sacha walked out of the bathroom and laid on his bed, switching TV channels. I shacked a bit to the thought that his 9-years-boyfriend was hugging another guy. I wanted to have some time to focus so I asked:

“How did you meet up, guys?”

“In fact it’s a very funny story”, started Kelly while caressing my body. “I was chatting with someone online and he gave me his number. When I called, it turned out to be Sacha’s phone. I don’t know whether that guy did it on purpose or just pure coincidence with me copying the number. When I asked about the name and it was wrong number, I just asked Sacha to wait and we talked a bit. We then met.”

He smiled then added: “Afterwards; we were sitting together in a restaurant. I ordered him a cake and I was having coffee. He was so shy and cute; not talking or eating at all. I then told him if he wanted me to kiss him, he ought to eat his cake”.

“He then took a bite; and that was it ever since”.

If it were me; I would have puked the cake on the table, on the spot. That was the cheesiest probably made up story ever; but Sacha was smiling, in a mysterious, sexy and gorgeous way. That’s when Kelly resumed:

“So let’s have something”; and he leaned again kissing my neck.

I couldn’t feel comfortable with all that; Sacha was watching TV while his boyfriend making out with a guy in the bed right next to him. In fact I wanted Sacha to be doing that. I just stopped and said:

“Guy; I feel something in wrong in here. Are you both sure you want to do that?”

Sacha looked at me. He didn’t smile. He didn’t nod. He just looked at me.

Kelly answered: “Of course! We’ve been planning to do that ever since we decided visiting Egypt. We would experience new things without limit in here. We’d try out our fantasies.”

I then added: “You won’t feel any guilt the morning after?”. Again Sacha was silent and Kelly said: “We are doing this out of the ordinary in a different country. It’s a fantasy we both have.”

I surrendered. I made it clear and they know what they are doing. Kelly started kissing me again; and that when Sacha got up and kissed Kelly. He then held my hand and we started making out, randomly. My lust grew more and more for Sacha now that he was topless between my arms. Lucky Kelly.

I found my underwear off and Sacha sucking me while Kelly was on my nipples. It was wild and lustful. That’s when Kelly’s 5.5 inch fat cock showed up; and he made me suck it with Sacha. I turned from sucking into making out with the hot boy. It went on for half an hour till Kelly whispered something in my ear. I couldn’t hear it at first, he then said it louder, making Sacha hear it:

“I’ll let you fuck Sacha if you let me fuck you”.


He repeated: “You can fuck Sacha if you want. I want you to fuck him”.

That’s when Sacha went all flaccid. I felt it. I felt the second Sacha’s heart broke. I could see it on his facial expression, penis getting soft and the way he laid on bed. Kelly was pimping Sacha.

Talking about love.

I slowly got up, took my clothes and excused. I couldn’t resume; I couldn’t be part of that stupid meaningless, selfish, testosterone and self oriented desires of Kelly. I wanted to slap Sacha on the face and ask him to fucking wake up and look at himself in the mirror. I wanted to tell him that a hundred other guy would fall for his beautiful eyes and macho look while he is comfortable of being bottom in bed. I wanted to yell at him, asking him to fucking smell the God damn coffee and give all this energy of love to someone who deserves it; but I just couldn’t find a way to give him his 9 years back. To let him live his sweet sixteenth birthday as it ought to be. I just couldn’t help a tear that I held till I got into the elevator and remembered the love I shared before and how it can be easily gambled.

It was too sad. Sacha could have a better life and be more cherished. I couldn’t talk to him, I couldn’t tell him anything. I just hope he wouldn’t regret any of this later. He did all that against his will just to satisfy Kelly’s desire. Can love make us go that far?

Apparently being a guest on a threesome bed requires more than just a couple who want you. It needs someone much stronger than who I really am.

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