April 17, 2011

Put Your Hands On Me

"I never watched Glee!"

"You'll love it", I answered as I was searching on my iPhone a couple of their performances. I put the TV on mute and got closer to him so we'd both watch the screen. I played a couple of Gaga's performances, Madonna, Katy Perry. He instantly fell in love.

I then remembered Mike Tompkins.

"He's super talented.", I said, "He boomboxes the whole music and sings along. On top of that, he has the cutest smile ever. Like.. wow!"

I then played Fireworks first; we got even closer on my sofa. Now, I could feel his breath. He smelled cigarettes and perfume. I picked the next video, "Teenage Dream and Just The Way You Are" and played it. A minute later, I noticed him turning towards me. Tension and attraction was floating in the air. I turned my head too... and our lips locked.

It was our first kiss. And his lips tasted good.